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Cyber Security and Machine Learning (Informatică)

The Cyber Security and Machine Learning (CSML) Master’s programme aims to prepare graduates in two important/hot topics for today’s society: Computer/Cyber Security and Machine Learning. The program is addressed to graduates of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, as well as graduates from specializations such as Automation and Computers, Physics, Economic Informatics or Engineering. The graduates of this Master’s program will be specialists in the protection of computer systems, data protection, secure administration of computer networks on the one hand, as well as Machine Learning practitioners that can build robust and efficient algorithms for automatic data extraction and data analysis, with the use of specific technologies. CSML graduates will be capable of working both in companies and software development departments, in research or in the higher education.

The CSML Master’s curriculum focuses on fundamental elements in the two branches that provide the name of the program. Cyber-security is a field of maximum importance in the digital society we live in. The CSML Master’s students will gain specific expertise in cryptography, detection of cyber attacks and how to design resilient applications, by means of highly focused courses (such as Applied Cryptography, Malware analysis, Security of web applications or Security of databases). From a researcher’s perspective, Machine Learning is at the jonction of Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics by means of Statistics, with a strong Optimization component. Machine Learning algorithms and techniques are at the core of today’s revolutionary results in various branches of science. At the CSML Master’s, students are taught fundamental algorithms in Machine Learning and techniques specific to Data mining, with applications that span across various domains, mainly in Cyber-security, but also in healthcare or form recognition.